Downloads and Manuals


User-Manual  (OpenPNP control software user manual)

test-G-code  (test g code to be used with test firmware to check all the input and output functions)

setup-and-calibration  (setup and calibration guide)

Repetier-Firmware-test  (test firmware)

Repetier-Firmware-2018-05-18-standard  (production firmware for standard machine)

Repetier-Firmware-2018-05-18-mini  (production firmware for mini machine)

quick-start  (quick start guide)

nozzle-adapting-G-code  (nozzle adapting sequence)

first time user manual v2.4  (first time user manual)

CH341SER  (machine controller USB driver)

.openpnp (mini)  (OpenPNP configuration settings for mini machine)

.openpnp (standard)  (OpenPNP configuration settings for standard machine)

Assembly Instructions (draft)  (OpenPlacer Assembly manual (draft version))

Frequently Asked Questions


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