OpenPlacer Part List


  (AH04) Pneumatic vacuum hose


  (AH05) vacuum pump


  (AR22) A Axis motor with modified shaft (26mm type)


  (AR36) A axis motor with modified shaft (35mm type)


  (BC01) chassis left panel


  (BC02) front block


  (BC03) side carriage


  (BC04) middle carriage


  (BC09) back block


  (BC11) up looking camera


  (BE21) timing belts (GT2) used in different lengths in different axis


  (CD32) 3.81 pitch connector 2pin, 4pin, 5pin, 7pin, and 8pin  types are used


  (CE02) chassis front and back plate


  (CE04) chassis right plate


  (CE06) (middle carriage – head – upper cable drag chain – x axis timing belt)  mounting part


  (CE07) lover cable drag chain holding part


  (CE08) upper bridge connector


  (CH01) cable drag chain 10×15 mm for upper side and 15×20 mm for lover side


  (CH03) machine bottom cover


  (CH05) machine base plate


  (CS10) PCB tray


  (CS12) timing belt fixing plate (1 pcs for X axis, 2 pcs for Y axis)


  (DB02) controller board (atxmega192 mcu with TinyG firmware (type1)) and (atmega2560 mcu with repetier firmware (type2))


  (HC12) down looking camera with led and diffuser (inside head)


  (HN01) cable harness (d-sub15 to head – 3.81 connector 8pin to conreoller, 3.81 connector 5pin to controller)


  (HN02) cable harness (jst connector to X motor, X and Y home switches – 3.81 connector 7pin to controller)


  (MM12) Y axis motor mounting plate


  (MT02) Y axis motor


  (NM08) nozzle changer magazine


  (NN08) nozzle (4 different types)


  (PD03) PCB tray lifter bushing


  (PF02) idler pulley for timing belt (1 pcs for X axis, 2 pcs for Y axis)


  (PU01) GT2 16 tooth timing pulley (1 pcs for X axis, 2 pcs for Y axis)


  (RE01) idler pulley lifter bushing for for Y axis (2 pcs)


  (RE02) induction hardened linear guide (2 pcs for X axis, 2 pcs for Y axis)


  (RS04) upper bridge connector lifter bushing (4 pcs)


  (HN03) cable harness (head usb connector – controller)


  (LB06) M6 rubber leg


  (LC11) right side carriage connection part (static connection for Y axis timing belt – idler pulley for X axis timing belt)


  (LP06) up looking camera adapter ring


  (LR02) up looking camera led ring


  (LR14) up looking camera diffuser plate


  (LR15) up looking camera mounting nut



Photos from our workshop


modified and stock nema14 motors. stock motors shaft and front bearing removed, custom machined shaft and bigger inner diameter bearing installed




standard 8 mm strip feeders. standard feeder has 6 x 8 mm feeders with paper tape and 4 x 8 mm feeders for high height components


dovetail machined feeders macro view.


nozzle tip. fits nema14 custom shaft. eliminates run-out problems with 2 centering o-rings.


feeder vibration damping test video


strip feeder accuracy test




atmega2560 controller (repetier, marlin or grbl)

atxmega192 controller (tinyg)


0.8mm OD, 0.6mm ID nozzles arrived


nozzle shell’s waiting to be assembled

first prototypes




machining of the PnP head

Head assembly


Cutting stencils






nozzle run-out test from the nearest part to the motor ± 0.01mm run out


nozzle run-out test from the nearest part to the motor ± 0.03mm run out


automatic nozzle changer plates arrived.            latest batch of driver boards                              100 – 240v input  12v 50w SMPS



belts for 2 size machines                                      GT2 50 meters                                                   screw set for head assembly



screw set for chassis assembly                           part set for chassis                                              part set for pnp head


feeders                                                                feeders                                                                 cable harness




pnp head main block                                                                                                                        vacuum pumps


a shot from our workshop


          upper line 201 resistors bottom line 402 resistors

for the 201 components I think, 1.acceptable   2.acceptable   3.not acceptable   4.I do not know   6.I do not know







402 resistors first 4 in 0 degrees last 2 in 90 degrees orientation



  placing 402 components



   placing 201 components